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The Seed is in God's Word 

Seed Principles to Overcome Life's Challenges

By Dr. E. L. Womack, Sr. 

Many people are searching for quick fix answers to life’s situations, but the answer can only be found in the Word of God, which is the seed. The majority of people do not want to wait for the answers to be revealed to them, and their quick fix answers are not always what they expect.


God purposed and promised through His Word victorious living.  Within this book Dr. E. L. Womack shares personal testimonies, step by step instructions, sound principles and biblical examples to help you apply the Word of God to every situation in your life.  Also included are powerful scripture based confessions organized by subject matter to give you the tools needed to overcome challenges on a daily basis.  He is a firm believer that the Bible gives the best solution to every situation and your process of growth and victorious living begins within. Paperback, $14.95


The Breakthrough Power of Meditation:

Your Supernatural Source of Unlimited Increase

By Dr. E. L. Womack, Sr. 

Experience major breakthroughs in your life byway of the powerful spiritual practice of meditating on God’s Word. As a child of God this book reassures you that you are well able to overcome every circumstance, hardship, and problem that life throws your way. Dr. Womack shares impactful principles and practices aimed to destroy limiting beliefs systems. Uplifting Interactive exercises throughout help you start the process and raise your awareness of the creative power on the inside of you for amazing success.

Paperback, $16.95

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