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Dr. E. L. Womack

Dr. E.L. Womack, Sr. is a speaker, author, pastor and entrepreneur.  Dr. Womack addresses practical principles to overcome life's challenges with God's Word.  He is the founder and pastor of Believers Faith Fellowship Church and president of God Comfort Ministerial Alliance, Inc.  He is a certified Christian Counselor and received an honorary doctorate from E.L. White Seminary School in Mobile Alabama.  Dr. Womack and his wife, Audrey travel together as speakers, and they are the proud parents of seven children. 

Prophetess Gloria Allen

Prophetess Gloria addresses the issues and needs of women. She teaches the importance of laboring for family, church and community. When ministering to women she follows Titus 2:2-5. With a certificate in Christian counseling and a Doctorates degree in Theology, she finds that the Holy Spirit is still her best teacher.

God has given Prophetess Gloria a heart for women. Her passion to help has led her to be a counselor to women of many different backgrounds. She shares that through seeking God they can discover the path to a richer, more rewarding and meaning life.  


The Women with a Mission Sisterhood Ministry is where she teaches women how to appreciate their uniqueness and worth. Consistently reminding women of their God given purpose and ability to fulfill. She organizes a special Father (God) daughter retreat yearly for women from across the globe that is steadily growing.

In the summer of 2011 Prophetess Gloria with the help of other ministers in her church started The Daughters of Leah Ministry. A ministry aimed at helping women who are in crisis including women who are seeking refuge from domestic violence.

Deservingly, Gloria has been awarded a 2017 Presidential Lifetime Achievement award for her tremendous service.

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Dr. A. L. Richardson Sr.

Dr. A. L. Richardson Sr. is the Senior Pastor of Christian Life Bible Church in Gretna and Baton Rouge La. He attended the University of New Orleans and served in the military during the Vietnam war. Through practical teaching and under the power of the Holy Spirit, he brings the life changing Word so God’s people can know who they are in Christ, what they possess in Christ and what they can do through Christ.  The mission and call is that of spiritual growth and development. He is also the founder of the Men of Valor Elite Ministry (M.O.V.E.) and the Fellowship of Churches United Support (F.O.C.U.S.) where he serves as a mentor to Pastors.   Together his wife, Dr. Ava Richardson (co-pastor) are the proud parent of seven children.

Pastor Matthew Johnson

The late Pastor Matthew Johnson an author, speaker, and pastor of Faith Family Bible Church located in New Orleans, LA. Had been pastoring for twenty years and has been married for twenty-three years to his wife Diana. His legacy lives on in his posthumous works, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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